Smiirl ("the Company") has decided to run a special promotional offer ("the Promotional Offer") on its retail website ("the Website") during March 2018.

The following special terms and conditions are supplementary to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and are applicable for the duration of the Promotional Offer defined above, and in accordance with the following conditions:

1- Duration of the Promotional Offer

The period of the Promotional Offer ("the Period") runs from 5:00 pm (Paris time - UTC+1) on Friday March 2nd 2017 to 11:59 pm (Paris time - UTC+1) on Saturday March 31st 2018.

2- Scope of the Promotional Offer

Any customer of the Company making a purchase on the Website during the Period, whatever their nationality or the value of their order, is eligible for the Promotional Offer.

3- Discounts applied during the Promotional Offer

For the duration of the Promotional Offer, one out of hundred orders will be fully refunded whatever the number of products in the order. The Promotional Offer is applied to all products sold on the Website.

4- Competition

Smiirl is organising a competition ("the Competition") for all customers who choose to take advantage of the Promotional Offer.

Any person placing an order during the Period, whatever their nationality and whatever the value of their order on the Website, will automatically be entered in the Competition.

At the end of the Competition, every single winner will be chosen via a random draw.

The random draw will take place sometime after 8:01 am (Paris time - UTC+1) on Monday 2 April 2017.

The winners of the Competition will receive a reimbursement for the total value of the Order they placed during the Period.

This reimbursement comprises the total value of their Order together and the shipping cost excluding any customs duty involved in transporting the Product to its destination.

This reimbursement will be paid within five to ten working days following announcement of the Winners.

The Winners will be notified of their win by email after the random draw has taken place on Monday 2 April 2018 and by no later than Tuesday 3 April 2018.

Any Customer placing an order on the Website during the Period expressly accepts these Special Terms and Conditions of Sale and gives their consent to be entered in the Competition.

The Customer likewise gives their consent for the Company to distribute, using any form of communications media and for a period of two years, the following information:

-their first name

-the first letter of their surname

-their nationality

The Company agrees to communicate this data only for the purposes of communicating the Promotional Offer at the end of the Competition, and guarantees not to make any improper use of this data.

Special terms and conditions of sale