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Smiirl brings you the first social media Counter; an interactive Point Of Sales display dedicated to your social media business page. 

This phygital marketing tool creates an awesome customer experience thanks to its real-time feature.

Whether you have a small or large following, there is a Counter for you. 

An interactive POS display

Facebook 5 digits

Facebook 7 digits

Instagram 5 digits

Instagram 7 digits

That's why +15,000 businesses own a Smiirl Counter

share local deals with friends through social media 


 is the lifetime value increase of a customer who interacts 

online with a brand


refer to social proof before 

visiting a physical place


Most businesses have understood the stakes of engaging with their prospects & customers online. But, how about in real life? POPAI studies found that 88% of in-store displays go unnoticed by shoppers.

 Consumer's behavior



International Data Corporation

"The Counter is the most effective bridge between a venue’s virtual presence and its physical one"

Company Jeans (Sweden)

Fashion store

Turn your customers into fans

"The Counters catch our visitors’ attention and raise effective awareness around our social page! They love the connected Counters!"

Huygens (France)

Cosmetic store

Attract new customers

"People often stop walking just to stare at the Counter. They get curious and are more keen to enter our store, it's a bit like TripAdvisor - it shows off our community, only in real life."

Big Fernand (Hong Kong)

Burger joint

Celebrate milestones

"We've speed up our fan base by challenging our customers to like our page both in the restaurant and on social - They love it! It's a win-win."

Stand out at events

"The digitally-driven experience brought by the Counter creates human interactions. People come to us and initiate the conversation!"

Automatradio (Europe)

Event - DJ Truck

Plug the Counter

Step 1

Easy set up 

Create your my.smiirl account 

Step 2

Connect your Counter 

to internet (wifi or ethernet)

Step 3

Worldwide delivery

and parcel tracking

14 days

Satisfied or Refund 

Secured payment

by Stripe

Technical support 5/7

2 year warranty

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